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Gulp 4 and Front-end Development in Foundation 6

δΉ…γ—γΆγ‚Š πŸ˜‰ I have been learning and experimenting with Gulp 4 and ES6. This post shows how I built up a Gulp 4 script for use with Foundation 6 specifically although it can be easily adapted for other scenarios.

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Environment Modelling in Blender

There are several modellers, or maybe I should say ARTISTS, who’s work I admire and follow. One such artist is Rob Tuytel, his style is a little different to most.. His inspiration is the...

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Homemade PCB: Part Two – A Fresh Start

Things always happen for a reason… Since the last post I have thought more about the requirements for the power supply. Though 1 amp may be sufficient now, it may not be in the...

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Homemade PCB: Part One – My Method

As I mentioned in the last post, the power supply for TLC-MBC will be replaced and I’m going to do this with a homemade PCB. This is another first for me, making a PCB....

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PCB Has Arrived And Is Operational

Good news! The PCB’s arrived last Friday. So I thought I would fire of a quick post to show you the state of this project. First of all here’s the naked PCB’s. This is...

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A Keyboard And Other Good Stuff

Before I write about the keyboard here’s some other stuff.. For months now I have been fiddling with design details for TLC-MBC but at the same time just itching to get it onto a...

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Channels based I/O For TLC-MBC

I have settled on a final design. The 3 TTL chips are out and the GAL22V10D is in. This will free up some board space and reduce propogation delays. I am now using the...

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Video Output For TLC-MBC And An MC Monitor

Wow… has it been four weeks since the last update??? In my defense, as you can see above, I have done a fair bit of work on TLC-MBC, she now has her own screen...

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Serial Communication for TLC-MBC

This has been a long journey to give TLC-MBC the power of serial communication, with obstacles like poor wiring and faulty chips. At the end of my last post, I was internally debating to...

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Memory Test Time For TLC-MBC

Now that the memory map for TLC-MBC is sorted, I can put stuff in it and in this session that stuff is memory, both RAM and EEPROM. Sounds easy enough, wire a couple of...