Why this site?… Well, I need a place to keep stuff about my projects and hobbies, and notebooks just don’t cut it any more.Why TLC Stuff? – TLC are my initials backwards and I’m gonna write about my stuff. Mostly computery stuff with maybe the odd rant here and there.

Computers have infested my life since late ’78 when I got a Sym-1, followed by an Aim-65. Then I built an Apple II clone from a “pirate” PCB – bit clunky but at least it had real video out and not just a serial port. Then I got an Ohio Superboard and life was complete 😉 I found it a lot more usable then the Apple. All of these were based on the 6502 processor, but I saw other processors that were available and played around with the 6802, 1802, Z80 and even the Z8.

Fast forward to the mid 80’s and I’m back in England and computer-less… For a year or so I go thru several computers, the Spectrum, Atari 800, Atari ST and Amiga  500, and I end up buying my first and last PC. Up till then I had been a Hardware and Software kind of guy. Starting with the ‘ST I was pulled more to the Software side, which was kind of okay, I learnt some languages (Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, C, Forth and Lisp) and I started to use applications like DPaint on the Amiga. And since then I’ve been a programmer, no messing around with hardware, except when I needed a new PC, I’d buy the bits and build it but really that’s just a glorified lego set that snaps together.

Fast-forward again to around July of of last year, 2014, and I find the Arduino and fall in love again with hardware. Then I find blogs like Blondihacks, Coronax, Grappendorf and others. What do they all have in common? They have all built systems based on the 6502!!! I’m nostalgic – I remember those long days of typing in programs on a hex keypad… I’m jealous – I want one!!! So here we are, for the last month I’ve been reading and dreaming and scheming… What do I really want? And for that you’re gonna have to read my posts 😉 This is the main subject why I have started this blog.

What else? Just before Christmas I built my first 3D printer  from a kit from Ooznest. Brilliant machine, easy to put together and runs out of the box. I’ve been upgrading and adding stuff to it to make it even better so I shall be documenting that as well as showing off the prints that I have made. I’m also into Arduino, robotics and 3d modelling with Blender, so you can expect them to show up at some point.

I think that’s about it for now.