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Homemade PCB: Part Two – A Fresh Start

Things always happen for a reason… Since the last post I have thought more about the requirements for the power supply. Though 1 amp may be sufficient now, it may not be in the...

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Homemade PCB: Part One – My Method

As I mentioned in the last post, the power supply for TLC-MBC will be replaced and I’m going to do this with a homemade PCB. This is another first for me, making a PCB....

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Debugging Tool: Bus Monitor

Follow the evolution, construction and use of my latest debugging tool, the Bus Monitor. This enables you to monitor the address, data and control buses of the 65C02.

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Hex Display: A Debugging Tool

Hex Display can be a useful tool to help you bring up a system. This post shows how I built mine and how you can too.

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Welcome to my notebook

Well… here we are… a new day and a new blog on the web… Nothing earth-shattering or life-changing, just a place to keep track of my projects. At any one time I usually have...